Q. How can I ask for a new functionality?
If you need a social network which is not available in our plugin, please contact us and tell us what you need. We will notice you if we already work on that feature.

Q. I cannot find an answer to my problem. I need help!
Please use our support page and find a way to contact us. To speed things up, describe your question in details. Let us know where we can see and replicate your problem. Feel free to share your site’s url and login details.

Q. How do I update the plugin?

There are 2 ways you can update the plugin files:
1. Use FTP to overwrite the existing files in the plugin folder
2. Deactivate and delete the existing plugin installation via WordPress admin then reinstall the plugin using the latest version
Neither of these methods should delete or reset your original plugin settings

Q. The shortcode appears as a simple text on the website instead of CardZ Social Stream
If you see the shortcode text appears in your website instead of the Social Stream, it is caused for one of the following reasons:

  • CardZ Social Stream plugin is not installed on your website or is inactive.
  • The place where you paste the shortcode is not setup to process shortcodes.

Q. The Facebook feed is not showing
There could be one the following reasons that your Facebook feed may not work:

  • Your Facebook page ID is incorrect.
  • You are using a Facebook profile ID instead of a page ID.
  • Your Facebook settings restrict the user that may view your page. You have to remove any view restrictions from your Facebook page.